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Wedding Articles: Choose The Best Limousine Service

Details, details...there are so many to attend to leading up to your wedding day. Because of this, often the limousine company is chosen by going into the phone book and making a quick reservation just to get the task completed. All limousine companies tend to look good in the phone book, as the ads are professionally designed. Being a competitive industry though, less established companies will attempt to attract business by offering the lower price. As with all quality purchases, your limousine service should not be secured based upon price alone. Excellent service has value and is well worth the investment.

Savvy couples know the way to go about deciding whom to book with is first to call a number of companies and get a feel for how your inquiry is handled. If the people on the other end of the line come across disinterested in your initial call, it probably won't get better from there. A fast-talking sales approach is also a "red flag", as the organization is may be driven to maximize sales, instead of emphasizing quality of service.

It's best to look for someone who takes the time to listen to your thoughts and concerns and then responds with appropriate questions to make certain your needs are satisfied. The service provider should offer to send you printed information regarding their vehicles and rates charged. Making a reservation upon first contact is a bit hasty.

The most important method to gather information on which you can base your decision, is to pay an on-site visit to the limousine company itself. Couples make site visits to cake decorators, photographers and florists to name a few. It makes good sense to include your limousine service too.  There you can see the condition of their vehicles, how the chauffeurs look and the over-all appearance of the operation.

Take into account their years in the business and how many weddings they have successfully serviced. If a limousine service has been in business for several years, it is usually a good indicator of their reputation in the market place. Another good way to find the better limousine services in the area is to ask other experienced professionals in the wedding industry.

Once a reservation is placed, insist that the limousine company send you a written confirmation. This writing must include the date, itinerary, type of equipment, rate, gratuity and whatever deposit has been paid. In general, 50% of all wedding itineraries change from the time of initial booking to the service date. When you call to make a change, again insist that another, revised confirmation be sent as soon as possible. Established limousine companies will take this basic request cordially.

Remember, the customer is King! Good limousine companies recognize that they are in the business of serving people, not supplying cars.

Investing a little extra time to properly investigate the limousine companies you are considering will insure that the dependable and elegant wedding day transportation you had envisioned will become a reality.

New England Wedding, Maine Wedding, New Hampshire Wedding
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