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Wedding Articles

Below, we've compiled a number of articles to help you out during this this hectic time in your life.

Some of the articles have been submitted by brides to be, some by our staff wedding consultants, and others have been recommended to us as must reads for all who plan on tying the knot.


Choosing A Disc Jockey
By Pete Chambers
Pete Chambers DJ & MC Services

Contracting the right Disc Jockey/Master of Ceremonies can insure your reception's success. Credentials, personality, music selection, and equipment are just a few of the items you'll need to consider when making your choice.


Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding
By Cheryl Cote
This in-depth article is loaded with advice on planning and budgeting, with some great ideas for saving money!

Selecting Your Wedding Photographer
By Gene Paltrineri
Gene Paltrineri Photography
This article contains some great tips for finding a Professional Photographer, including questions you should ask and what items you need to consider.  A "must read" before you sign on the dotted line.

How To Choose The Best Limousine Service
By Paul S. Ford
Regal Limousine
There's more to finding a good limousine service than just finding someone with a fancy car.  Get the information you need before selecting a limousine service.


Things To Consider When Choosing A Videographer
By Mitchell Rosenzweig
Mitchell Rosenzweig Professional Videography
A properly equipped Videographer can preserve your wedding memories in cinematic form.  This article explains what to look for.

Hiring A Caterer
Special Thanks to Francis King

If you know the right questions to ask, your taste buds will dance on your special day too!

Serving Alcohol At Your Reception
Open bar?  Cash bar?  What is the best option for you?

Wedding Facts

By Scott Farley
Did you know the average cost of a wedding today cost $17,000?  Did you know 56% of all brides wear satin gowns? Did you know the average honeymoon lasts 9 days?  View our fun and interesting wedding factoids here.

Who Pays For What?
A wedding is probably one of the most expensive projects you'll undertake.  Make sure you pay for what you should, but not for what you shouldn't.

New England Wedding, Maine Wedding, New Hampshire Wedding
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