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Wedding Articles: Wedding Facts

Did you know the average wedding in America costs more than most automobiles?
In a search conducted by the New England Bridal Mall, we've uncovered some interesting and surprising information.

The average cost of a wedding is $17,000. 
The average honeymoon costs about $3000 and lasts 9 days. 
The average cost of a wedding gown is $725. 
99% of all grooms wear formal attire, with the average tuxedo rental costing under $80. 
56% of all brides wear satin and 89% wear a floor length gown. 
The most popular months for a wedding are June and August, with May and October tied for second. 

Honeymoon Destinations
According to a recent survey conducted by Modern Bride, the top 5 honeymoon destinations are:

1. The Caribbean (US Virgin Islands and Jamaica are tied for first) 
2. Florida (Disney World) 
3. Hawaii 
4. Mexico 
5. California 

Superstitions & Legends 
If you don't wish to tempt fate, here a few lores and legends to review.

* Colors - White symbolizes innocents and purity. Blue is the color of true love and fidelity. 

* At informal weddings, lore says that the bride and groom should dress in the same colors.

* Quirkily Customs - Tying shoes in the back of a couple's car dates back to the practice of a father giving his daughter's shoes to her new husband, transferring responsibility.

* Rice & confetti tossed after the ceremony ensure many children.

* Weather Conditions - A sunny day means a lifetime of happiness and a rainy day represents one of woe. 

* It's good luck if a ray of sun falls on the bride's path on a cloudy day; rain after the ceremony holds the promise of many children. 

* Day's of the Week - It's good luck to marry on the groom's birthday, but never on the bride's. 

* Best day's of the week to wed: Wednesday vows guarantee success, Thursday weddings ensure great wealth and Sunday's couples will always be much in love.

Now you know!

New England Wedding, Maine Wedding, New Hampshire Wedding
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